Professional Portrait Photography Sydney

Our creative & natural approach to portrait photography will leave you with beautiful imagery, you can create a family album or beautiful wall art with custom framed prints & Acrylic wall mounts

Choosing a great location can impact the style of shoot your looking for, it might be down the beach surfing with you son or daughter or it might be at the National Park with extended family on a picnic

For adventure-seekers, I can recommend some of the breathtaking locations in and around Sydney, or you can show me around your favourite adventure spot, and we can take it from there. Regardless of the location, time of the day or people, your portraits will look authentic, artistic and a true reflection of who you are.

Tailored Portrait Photography Services By Professionals

I’m happy to tailor my services according to your requirements and preferred location.

Sometimes this depends on how many family members are involved, will grandparents be there, how old are the children, do you have a family pet, all this is considered when choosing the time of day & location for your portrait session

What Does Portrait Photography Include?

Our portrait photography utilises natural lighting to capturing real emotions to create imagery that looks authentic, by using the natural landscape as a backdrop it allows our families to feel relaxed & comfortable

How To Prepare Yourself For A Portrait Session?

Scouting locations before the shoot & having a great understanding of lighting at different months of the year can help create great imagery, for example the autumn leaves can make for an amazing backdrop in Bowral. We recommend what to wear & it’s always nice to have your child’s favourite toy or treat on hand to keep the mood right. Candid portraits are my favourite kind because it challenges me to think creatively and capture moments as they come.

Why Choose Us For Portrait Photography In Sydney?

Memories are often forgotten, but what we at Evoke photography capture will last forever. My photography is centred around people and emotions, creating photos that you can connect with and feel immensely proud to display as artwork in your living room.

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